About the Project

Today there are 1.8 billion people between the ages of 10 and 24 in the world and 600 million adolescent girls. Those millions of voices matter. Their perspectives and solutions need to be heard.

Our Secure Future and Empower Peace have partnered to launch the Dear World, Move Us Toward Peace letter project, which showcases young women’s voices from around the world through letters sharing their personal visions for peace. For girls to grow to be negotiators, mediators or peacemakers, they need space to explore solutions and to understand they have the agency and capacity to be change-makers. The Dear World peace letter project is one small step towards amplifying women’s voices and supporting women’s full participation in international peace and security, which is a central goal of the women, peace and security agenda.

Letters from young women and girls around the world will be posted to our site every week starting in December 2016. Although English is a second language for many of these girls, their letters remain largely unedited in order to let the young women speak in their own voices. We hope you will be inspired by these letters and will consider sharing them or writing one of your own.


Founded in 2003, Empower Peace is a nonprofit organization dedicated to bridging cultural and communication divides between young people worldwide. With a focus on connecting youth in the world, Empower Peace uses the latest in interactive technologies, social media and intensive leadership training to break down misconceptions and build meaningful relationships. Through a global network of students and schools, Empower Peace is providing the next generation with the opportunities and tools needed to build cultural competencies and advance mutual respect, understanding, and peace.  To learn more about Women2Women, Empower Peace’s International Women’s Leadership Program, please visit our website.


Our Secure Future (OSF) is a program of Colorado-based One Earth Future. One Earth Future’s mission is to support a global system of networks working to create sustainable peace. In support of this cooperative effort, OSF believes that women make the crucial difference in achieving more effective governance and lasting peace. OSF’s program is based on the landmark Security Council Resolution 1325, the first formal recognition by the international community of the critical role women play in conflict prevention, conflict resolution and peacebuilding.