Reny, Egypt


Dear World,

I’m Reny. I’m a 20-year-old from Egypt. Being from an Arab-African country changes one’s definition of peace. When more than 50% of your population suffers from poverty, when God knows who is constantly bombing your neighbouring countries, when you struggle for your basic rights and when being a young woman doubles the struggle…. You really don’t see “peace” the way people in other circumstances do.

For me, peace is being able to walk in the morning or at night without having the slightest fear of being harassed, if not raped or kidnapped. Peace is making my own decisions without having to justify them to every single person in the society. Peace is when the less fortunate have their basic needs met and are treated with the respect, equality and humanity. Peace is when every country minds its own business. Finally peace is when men, women, children, black people, white people, rich people and poor people are treated equally and have the same rights all over the world.

In my opinion, the main problem with peace is that people accept the fact that a certain race/gender/people is better than the rest.

Thus, men have to fight for women’s rights, they have to refuse the current situation and demand equality. Women also need to stand up for themselves, they need to speak up and show the world their capabilities. Women cannot wait for someone to grant them their rights; they must reach out for them.

Ultimately, the light at the end of the tunnel is the new generation, the one that is growing up with wars, starvation, occupation, inequality and discrimination. The older generations paved the way but there are laws that need to be implemented and mentalities that need to be changed. Young people have to continue what their predecessors started and they shouldn’t accept any less than what they deserve.

Peace has to spread. The world has had its share of violence and this must stop. Love and equality need to be prioritized and promoted. If we never stop trying and celebrating the small achievements, we will get there and peace with all it’s different definitions will spread around the world.

Thank you,


Age 20, Egypt

Women2Women Delegate

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