Meher, Afghanistan


Dear World,

An uneducated person never thinks about you, my world. You are a beautiful gift of God. We human beings do not know the value of you, my world. You are like Disney Land for me, which is full of beauty and adventures. Unfortunately, we human beings cannot understand the meaning of that beauty, and we make you to face the evil power of humans: war, inequality, robbery, atom bombs, poverty, etc.

In this world, everyone—educated and uneducated—is looking for power and wealth. No one has equal rights in this world. One is rich and another is dying of poverty. One country is too developed and war and bombs destroy another country. One is tired of education and other is begging for education. All countries give more freedom to men and discourage women.

In my country, people made inequality a part of our culture. They do not let their daughters get an education or to work outside because they think they are Muslims. A Muslim girl should not go out, she should wear hijab and do housework. But, a Muslim boy can do anything they want. A boy has the freedom to tease girls and to misuse their freedom. They do not know that girls are the flowers of this world. If the world loses its flowers, this world will lose its beauty.

When a baby is born in this world, that baby comes with a hope to see the beauty of this world. Unfortunately, that baby cannot find the beauty, only bad deeds and misfortunes. I apologize that I cannot do anything for you my sweet world. I can promise to pray for you and for the people that hurt you, so that may God open their mind and show them the right way.




Women2Women Delegate

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