Roqia, Gaza

Dear World,

My name is Roqia. I’m 16 and I’m from Palestine. You may not know what Palestine is, or where it is. But I’d like to tell you that it’s the country that has been occupied for more than 68 years, until now. I witnessed more than 3 wars and uncountable attacks. As a young woman, I’m looking forward to living in peace, but unfortunately, “peace” doesn’t exist in Palestine for a reason. But I still believe that peace will get to the world someday. I mean, Palestine isn’t the only country facing wars and problems. Look at Syria, Iraq, etc., and look at civilians fighting to get their freedom, and to have some peace.

As a Palestinian woman, I grew up in a society that is full of blood and pain. I find myself identifying peace as seeing other nationalities helping countries in conflict to show their sympathy and support. It’s peace when men and women stand next to each other to fight for their rights. Peace isn’t held with men only, and never will, because women have always played an important role in every single case in the world.

What I picture for a better world is something really simple and easy. Hope should take control. A peaceful world is a world full of courage and love, a world that is full of faith, kindness, equality, and chances. A better world can happen when we start with ourselves first. When we let both men and women change our communities to what is best.

To find peace, we need to be educated. As my dad always said, “to live in peace you have to be strong. And to be strong you have to get an education. Peace can’t occur if you are either weak or illiterate.” And my dad convinced me by his words, because when you fight for something you should always have statistics and knowledge. If you know nothing about it, then you lose the fight.

Peace is when we help and care; it’s when we look after poor, orphaned, injured, and sick people. The world is so small that we have to help folks we don’t even know. We should let them see that we are there for them and that they exist.

Peace is where you give and offer; it’s where you think positive. Peace is when people stand next to each other and stop bullying or killing.

People want to learn, face the world, travel, volunteer, and do other stuff that I can’t do in Palestine. We deserve life and we deserve to have fun! Peace is on its way to the earth.



Age 16, Gaza

Women2Women Delegate



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