Emily, USA

Dear World,

My name is Emily and I am 20 years old, living in the United States of America. I am currently a student at a women’s college in New York City and a fast paced and inspiring community surrounds me every day. Going to a women’s college I see the value of women in a different way now than I did before. I had always been a self-proclaimed feminist but didn’t understand the nuances within the social movement nor the importance of intersectionality in understanding the world. I believe that most people in the world are similar to who I used to be—someone who was unaware of the world I lived in but with the desire to improve it in some way.

In order to achieve peace and equality in the world I think it is ESSENTIAL that people start learning about different identities and the struggles people face due to their identities that may not be obvious. It is important for men to try to understand what it is like to be a woman and to recognize our struggles. It is important for the youth to be educated and exposed to a diverse range of topics and people. It is important for men, just like any dominant group to recognize their privilege and to support those who do not have the same amount of privilege.

I have always been the type of person to go out and help those, who for one reason or another may not be able to help themselves, whether that be related to immigration, the judicial system or simply within a social setting. Our world is at a crucial point in history in which danger is not only taking shape in the form of war, but can occur anytime and anywhere, and can change the lives of a person and their loved ones forever.

People should not have to live in fear. 
People should not have to hide their identities. All people should be treated equally.

This will be hard to achieve and it won’t happen overnight, but in order to change our reality we need to change the social structures and mentalities of people in society to be more accepting and encourage them to stand up for others.

We can do this as women, as men, as children, as immigrants, as gay, as black, as white, as Jewish, as Muslim, as every person with every unique identity. Together we can make a difference in our world and together we can take steps toward equality and peace.

Thank you,


Age 20, United States of America

Women2Women Delegate

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