Farah, Libya

Dear World,

My name is Farah and I am 23 years old. I live in a continent where war is constantly being driven by race, religion, poverty, and injustice.

I live in a country where conflict has been and still is a constant and on-going struggle, where individuals and families have been kidnapped, assassinated, displaced and exiled. When day-to-day basic human rights resources become scarce privileges and the path to social stability becomes constricted by rivaling governments and political situation.

As I write this letter, there is a war happening around 460 km from where I live, and another one in the eastern part of the country. Since the civil war broke out again in 2014, the “quality of life” which has already been low is now becoming non-existent, the ability to keep a positive attitude towards life and peace is diminishing and the hope for truce and reconciliation between cities, tribes and people has become overshadowed by the sounds of gun-fire, pride and greed.

Despite all the challenges we go through, there are aspiring young educated leaders in various fields who dream for a brighter future and work towards peace in Libya and the world. There are motivated young women who have broken social barriers and who will not submit to community pressures, in order to build a safer and a more prosperous life for their daughters and the next generations.

Sometimes, conflict is not always a bad thing; it could act as a starting-point for peace and global change. It may temporarily create a hostile environment with devastating effects, but it also builds a stronger generation with better awareness of their rights as human beings and a broader perception of acceptance and compassion.



Age 23, Libya

Women2Women Delegate

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