Walaa, Egypt


Dear World,

Our ancestors gave us the fundamental principle of freedom that set in motion today’s global system of government. This world must be safe for all of us or no one will truly be safe. We have ignored what happens in the rest of the world and have accepted time after time to live in a global political inferno, ignited over and over by a series of dictators and global terrorist organizations. We see what happen in Syria; we can see the innocence of children killed every day, but we still stand and watch. We see humans like us, wanting the right to live in peace, but we still refuse to give them their rights. We have duties to help the children of our world. I don’t accept living in a world where there is no justice, no rights and no peace: in a world that lost its humanity. Never forget that Syria, Somalia, and other countries in the Middle East are suffering while we are standing here. All of us are responsible. Never forget your duties to your universal brothers.



Age 18, Egypt

Women2Women Delegate

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