Naila, Algeria


Dear World,

I want to introduce you to a 9-year-old little girl. She was beautiful, pure and sensitive. She lived in a peaceful society with her parents. This girl had a normal dream, in which one day she grows up to become a very, very successful young woman. She wanted to make her daddy proud, being his only girl. She always had the dream of being one of the best girls out there representing her society. This girl is me.

Hello there, my name is Naila, I am a 21-year-old young woman from Algeria. You should have guessed my problem by now. Well, let me tell you! Racism, discrimination and hatred.

I am a Muslim woman who once was an innocent child. I didn’t choose to be a Muslim, but if I had the choice, I would defiantly choose to be one. I wear the head scarf and I choose to cover my body. My parents did not require me to wear it, it was my choice and I am absolutely happy about it.

Dear world, I beg you to listen to my story. When people judge me for what I wear, for choosing to cover myself, it tears my heart. I am fed up with people calling me a terrorist.

Dear world, I am a normal girl. Like everyone out there, I laugh, I make jokes, I paint my nails, wear high heels, I watch movies, listen to music, I dance, and I even cook. I do everything a normal American girl would do, except I choose to cover my body in front of men, and practice my religion peacefully.

What hurts the most is every time I travel outside my country, I have to deal with people’s insults. They look at me with disgust in their judging eyes, they treat me like trash, they make jokes behind my back, and most importantly they call me and my family and all the entire Muslim population TERRORISTS.

Dear world, how can you judge a whole religion by a small group of extremists? How can you judge the whole Arab Muslim world by a few people who are insane?

I have to tell you that ISIS is not killing only the non-Muslims; ISIS is murdering, kidnapping and raping Muslim people too. Have you ever thought about how many Muslim children are being murdered or tortured to death every day by these people? Think about how many women are being raped and killed every single day in Syria, Palestine and Yemen and other Muslim countries. Think about the fear and terror they face every day. Think about the peaceful Muslim families, how they have to say goodbye to their loved ones in fear of never seeing them again.

I have a vision that someday, I’ll wake up to hear on that all countries are having a huge party, celebrating a world free from all cruelty, hatred, ISIS, murder, rape, violence, and corruption. Do you think this is impossible to achieve?

I have a vision that all the countries put their weapons down. I have a vision of a unified world. I have a vision of a peaceful beautiful world, with all its breathtaking natural sights and different colors. I have a great vision in a world in which all races, colors, religions, languages and hair colors live together. I have a vision in which people are not judged by the choices they make about their religion or their body. I have a vision of a world in which no matter what you are, no matter what you wear, or who you are, you NEVER have to fear their judging glares.

Finally, whoever is reading this peaceful letter; please know that you are an amazing, beautiful soul. Never let their words sadden you. Instead, smile and continue working hard to prove them wrong. Be successful and reach your dreams just like the great person you are.

Stay always happy.



Age 20, Algeria

Women2Women Delegate

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