Ines, Morocco/Belgium


Dear World,

Have you ever been told that you are not capable of achieving your dreams? Or did someone ever tell you that you should be doing something else because they believe you are not worth the time or effort?

My name is Ines. I’m a 20-year-old Moroccan who was born and raised in Belgium. As a young student, I learned that hard work is necessary in order to reach our goals. My education has been difficult because of my dyslexia. I always thought I was the dumb kid and that my future wasn’t as bright as other future leaders. I thank my family and the people who told me that everything is possible. Once I started believing in myself, I set a goal and I promised that I would reach it no matter what. I learned that with the right network of people and the right motivation and mindset you could do anything. Along the way I thought if I can reach my goals, I could help others as well. There is no better way for me to help others then to volunteer with refugees and kids with disabilities.

After a long period of disbelief from others, I found my voice and my passion for success. My hard work paid off and I will be moving across the world for an internship. Dubai has been my dream destination since my first year of high school. The world is so big, so why should I stay in the same place? Facing challenges teaches you how to work harder, which is a valuable skill. I started with negative spirit but now I have confidence in my abilities. When people tell you, “No, you can’t do that because you are not smart, fast or able,” you will find that those are the people who will one day come to you for advice.

I want you to remember that you are intelligent, beautiful and loved! Even when no one supports you, you can learn to support yourself and achieve in life. So make sure you know how to motivate yourself. Believe that you will obtain what you want. Don’t wish it, live it and work hard for it because if it worked for me it will work for all of you.

Kind regards,


Age 20, Morocco/Belgium

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