Zahraa, Lebanon


Dear World,

My name is Zahraa and I’m 22 years old. Telling people where I am from has always been a problem for me, because I’ve never tasted the true meaning of the word “country.” I’m originally from a beautiful country called Lebanon but I was born and raised in a rich gulf country called Kuwait. Lebanon is my nation and the place that I belong to. Whenever I say that I’m Lebanese the first thing that pops up to people’s mind is the prestigious country that has gorgeous girls! And whenever they hear me saying I live in Kuwait directly they will start to think about my financial situation and my classy lifestyle! My family chose to leave Lebanon due to the unstable political situation and hard living circumstances. I grew up in Kuwait and I kept visiting Lebanon every summer, holidays and every time I get back home everything feels different. I grew up to find that I’m not the only one who is feeling lost between two places. I always ask myself why isn’t the world just one country? Why do we have borders? Why are we fighting for lands? Why do we have nationalities? These questions led me to find that the word “country” has become a place where wars, violence, poverty, illiteracy, inequality and injustice exist. These questions also led me to figure out that what ever happens in one country directly affects the world that we are living in.

Sometimes I start thinking about how the past was much better than now. Before, we never read about the refugee crisis and we never heard about discrimination between people based on their nationalities, colors, background, ethnicity or religion. Before, we never faced issues like bombing attacks or physiological problems! Why all these things are happening nowadays? As a human I think we should move a step forward to overcome all these problems that our world is facing. People need to strengthen their personalities and be change makers. A change maker for the change they want to see in this world.

As a female, the first change I demand is empowering the women in our societies. I strongly believe that one woman can change the world. I want to see women equal to men. I want to see successful women trying their best to acquire knowledge and continue to leadership positions. I want to see every child have access to a quality education. I want to see peace instead of blood and health care instead of diseases. I want to see the world as a green place instead of a polluted place. I want people to return back pure humans with honesty, modesty and innocence. I want people to stop spending most of their time behind a screen for a cause called Technology. We are losing the ability to live a truly human life. So for all the governments, the rulers who are hearing me, for all the humans I will say, we were born to live happy and the key of happiness is in our hands.

I’m Zahraa. I have hope, and I promise to make the world a better place.


Age 22, Lebanon

Women2Women Delegate

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