Zainab, Afghanistan

Dear world,

This is Zainab Azizi from Afghanistan. I am 19 years old. I am writing this to you on behalf of many, many others who think the same like me but don’t have the opportunity to write it to you. 
I live in a place where even living at home has become hard just because in every moment there is the possibility of an explosion and war. I live in a country where there is war among many tribes. It is a place where many treasures, mines and beautiful rivers can be found but none of them are left in peace. Dear world, I know how injured and torn apart you are. I know that you are crying deep down inside like a baby that knows nothing. It is crystal clear how all those things that you needed like politics, religion and science could bring you to these days.

Yes, you needed science, technology and religion for all those of the creatures living on you. It was essential for them to have faith and live with belief in religion, science or technology. However, regardless of all these essential fields, for you—my world—their politics are blind. Many do not understand the beauty and strength of these fields. However, their ideas do not provide co-existence and are destroying us all and you. For instance, the wars in Syria, Iraq, Palestine and my own country leave many of us injured, dead and in parts.

I hear about your cries, injuries, and dead bodies everyday and night. I hear about your wishes and all those traumas that living creatures are passing on you. I heartily understand your traumas, both spiritual and physical. Especially, after the attack that happened in front of me on my campus, American University of Afghanistan, which left many, many of us injured and dead. I think more and more about you, dear friend! I think about you because of the knowledge, open mindedness and education that some people are lacking. It is the acceptance, respect and beautiful side of each other that we should seek.

I want you to know this is no fault of yours. It is okay to have different nations, cultures, seas, rivers, mountains and religions. Although in some parts they are bringing you war, I believe they also show your real beauty. All these differences expose that you have the strength of the universe.

But above all we see and listen about you everyday and hear about all these wounds, dead bodies and wars. I wish you peace and prosperity. We, the new generation, will lead you to better days and nights in peace. You are our hope as we are yours.

This little injured soul will never give up on bringing you the better days that you deserve. My world, I am for you and you are for me, together we will shine beautifully.


Zainab Azizi


Juslin, Gaza


Dear world,

I am Juslin Akram, a 16-year-old from Palestine, Gaza. Palestine is an Arab country in the Middle East that has been occupied by Israeli army’s since 1948 and still is today. For Palestinians, peace is different. You feel helpless when so many young women and men die in war, when most of your people suffer from poverty, when people —especially women—do not even have their basic rights and struggle to survive.

For us, peace is not being attacked and not living in a war zone. Peace is not hearing the sounds of bombs constantly and not seeing little kids lose their families to war. Peace is being safe wherever you go and living without the fear of being killed or bombed at any second. For Palestinians, peace is being able to safely pray in Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

For us, peace is having the basic necessities of life. Peace is access to electricity and pure water without daily cutout. Peace is equality between men and women. Finally, peace is when we have our FREEDOM!

Personally, I have passed through three wars, lived every detail of them and heard the sound of every bombing. I know how it feels to run from your home. The whole world needs peace in all its ways and definitions! So let’s unite to spread peace all around the world.


Juslin Akram