Mariem, Tunisia

Dear World,

Deciding to eat that apple, Adam and Eve, the first humans that visited earth, left eternal peace to join a world where the word “peace” is just another word found in books, speeches and dreams.

The story of Adam and Eve makes me think that this world was never meant to be at peace. Today, the news shows war growing in this world, like parasitic weeds in our gardens, harming and destroying its flowers.

It feels like there is no hope anymore. How is it possible to find peace in a world corrupted by all kinds of weapons: pollution, wars, racism, sexism, poverty, hunger… and the list is still long.

Yet, the answer to this problem is simple. We just need to look at ourselves and see how we still wake up every day to work, study, travel, party, laugh, cry… to live! No matter what, all humans wake up every day hoping for a better today and a better tomorrow. All humans, no matter how different they are, seek the same thing: true happiness!

But what is true happiness without a peaceful world?

True happiness and peace is a world where human life is worth more than petrol, a world where no child has to wonder whether he is going to die from hunger or from the next bomb explosion, a world where people don’t have to fight over a loaf of bread or a drop of water, a world where everybody has a shelter they can call home.

I wish to live in a world where I don’t have to beg others not to pollute their earth and where nature protects us and does not harm us. I wish to live in a world where humans don’t turn the eco-system upside down just to have more money.

Why can’t we be ourselves and follow the path drawn for us by nature? After all, we were all created the same way. We all entered this world in the same way, out of a mother’s womb. Can’t we just be equal?

No one will be considered better than the other just because he or she was born in that country, or has a particular color of skin, or belongs to a specific religion, or is the descendent of a certain family. Our differences should form our strength and not our weakness.

I dream of a world where no boundaries limit humans and we all belong to the same nation: the world!

The word racism will then disappear and stay just as a word found in dictionaries describing an awful behavior of our ancestors. War will then see its end, as a horrific act where people kill people in the name of protection and freedom. Humans torturing other humans, destroying their houses, raping women and stealing their children’s innocence over a piece of land or a liter of petrol or a different religion is shameless and abominable. Why should he die so that you can have a better life? Remember, we are all equals.

Being equals also means that a man is not considered better than a woman just because he has a slightly different body! Men should be respectful to all women and vice versa.

Peace will reign when everybody learns to accept and respect others no matter how different they are. But first, peace will reign when people learn to accept and love themselves just the way they are, no matter what other people think of them.

The perfect vision of peace will start to see the light when Martin Luther King’s dream comes true, when Gandhi’s sacrifices don’t go in vain and when unity becomes the symbol of the world.



Age 23, 

Women2Women Delegate

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