Wevly, Haiti


Dear World,

My name is Wevly. I am 19 years old and I am from Haiti.

Haiti is a small country where there is a lot of suffering. Children sleep on the street and some of them don’t go to school. The rights of women are not respected. There are many people who still live under tents since the earthquake of January 2010. I have never shared my feelings about the way I saw people trying to overcome misery in Haiti. And now I feel that it is time.

It is our turn to lift our voice the world, as women and men. I fear and worry about the future of this world, against the decadence of the today. We need to stop living in our past victory of heroes we all study at school, in museums and so on. We need to put what we have learned from our heroes into action, in the world that they created for us.

Imagine a peaceful future, without fighting and violence, without discrimination against each other, without a desire to fight a war for power. We all have a right to a peaceful future, in which we are happy, where all children are going to have a chance to have a family. We all have the right to a future in which we are educated, in which we help one another, where compassion, love, respect, and empathy guide us to a peaceful future.

To realize that vision, we must each have our own mission. Women need to be confident, engaged in society and within the government, because as women we have powerful things to say to the world. We need to participate in politics and social affairs.

Men need to stop giving orders to women. They need to initiate dialogue that ends in compromise. Men need to recognise women’s capacity in the social and political fabric of society and of this country. Men must be more integrated within their communities, instead of acting as individuals, only interested in advancing themselves.

Young people need to go to school and to believe in themselves. They need to have goals and believe in a better world. They need to understand that they play a crucial role in this world and that their knowledge and their active participation in social affairs of their communities will advance our country in the long run.

Personally, I think that in order to create this vision, I must participate in the education of my fellow citizens here in Haiti. I must raise awareness and encourage people to understand that we cannot use violence to advance life, because violence destroys people; violence destroys families, it destroys dreams. It is with peace that we can build our nation and make it stronger. We are all agents of change in this world. It is only after we all go against the evil that gnaws at the world, that we will come together and we will put our hands together to build a vision of the future that is one of peace.


Age 19, Haiti

Women2Women Delegate

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