Sofia, Mexico

Dear World,

My name is Sofia; I have been living here since 1997. I was born and grew up in Mexico. Therefore I can relate what it is to live in a country with two realities. Mexico is a beautiful country. Nevertheless, is facing lot of pressing issues that are interconnected including violence and war.

You realize it in your daily life. Every day in the news you are able to see it, there are always crimes against journalist, teachers, indigenous students, women etc. Nevertheless violence is not only about living with insecurity about our lives, violence is also not having the right to express your opinion. Violence is not having something to eat that day. Violence is not having an appropriate environment. Violence is not having access to education. Violence implicates many aspects of the human life, especially our rights.

Our rights are not respected. The curious thing is that we are not respecting our own rights. It is an interesting phenomenon because it seems we are living as individuals and we are not taking into consideration every person around us. Humans are connected, we are not just a nationality or number, and there is something beyond that. Everybody has feelings and has a history. We should be more conscious of our dependence on each other.

For this reason, I truly believe education would make us conscious and free of violence. However we need an education without attachment. In every culture, people have beliefs and their own way of understanding the world, but sometimes these beliefs only cause more conflict. We should let these barriers go and start to spread an education with the objective to create humans who think critically.

I certainly have faith in women. We have an important role and we should take action to address the world’s problems, recognize our capacity for political and social issues and encourage other women to fight for access to education and believe in themselves.

Finally, peace is not going to happen like a miracle. It is a challenge for everybody but we have an opportunity to demonstrate that we are responsible for our destiny. We should not create an illusion of peace as a utopia, or something we cannot reach. We should be able to create a peace we can see every day, something that is part of our lives, something to fill our souls and motivate us to become the best version of ourselves.


Age 19, Mexico

Women2Women Delegate

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