Sana, Afghanistan


Dear World,

I am Sana and I am a 17-year-old from Afghanistan. I believe we are still living in an armed and warring planet; a place where humans experience systematic violation of their human rights and are, to an alarming degree, the targets and sufferers of carnage and belligerence. But these are the strikes and varied acts of nerve by humans, which have battled this aggression and injustice throughout history and the ongoing current battle. We dedicate ourselves to this battle to avert violence and to send forth ripples of hope for living in peaceful and secure world. Men and women are both victimized by the war and both want to bring about a world where the noble characteristics and aspirations of human rights are embodied.

So when both men and women are affected as a whole, both sexes should contribute to strengthening international peace and security. If we want to utterly destroy the foundation of war, there should be equality between men and women in the abolition of warfare in first place. We need unity and concord in the maintenance of order.

Women have the capacity to remedy the pervasive culture of violence and bring the world lasting peace. The key to this essential involvement of women is the realization of their capacity to manage conflicts. We need women to believe that they can be part of a dynamic positive change and can bring down the mightiest walls of tyranny and prejudice.

We need men to nourish women’s aptitude for bringing change and to have respect for the highest qualities of women. I need men to forge attitudes of tolerance and active concern towards women and have a cooperative approach to resolve violent conflicts.

We all together can create a peaceful world where it will be brotherhood and harmony instead of violence and bloodshed.

For bringing peace, we need to hold true to the great promises for lessening and ultimately eradicating disruptive injustices and we should take serious actions for making our promises come true.

Thank you!


Age 17, Afghanistan

Women2Women Delegate

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