Marlene, Germany


Dear World,

You’re alive and you’re moving.

Every hour 15 thousand children are born. Every minute, 3.6 thousand new photos are shared on Instagram. Every second, Google gets 56,315 searches. Every year, people are forced to leave their homes: the numbers—not measureable. A lot happens in a year, in a month, in a day, in a minute, in a second. Most of it drowns in the depths of our memories, of the Internet or surrenders to the speed of the rotation of this world. But some things don’t just go away and disappear. Some things insist on staying. Some things keep on hurting and some questions are pinned to the wall of history for a long time.

What will happen if I leave – and what if I stay? What will happen to my children and what to me? Will I stay alive, will I be? So many questions, so much hope. So much fear, so little rope left to hold. Where will we go and will we survive? Hearing the stories about the dark drive. Will we be invited or will we have to leave? Will we be reunited or run into reefs? So many questions so little answers. Should we stop walking or fight like the lancers? Should we adhere or should we part? Questions the old ask, just as the young.

Some things are uncertain but one is for sure; there never was an answer that simple and pure. Humans are humans, girls just as boys. Humans are humans, no matter the orientation. Humans are humans, no matter the belief. Humans are humans, at land like at sea. And humans are humans, no matter you or me.

Have you ever built a house alone? From each brick to the roof, bulletproof. From the wall to the floor, waterproof. From now to then, shatterproof and from then to now, fireproof. We can’t do it alone. We have to stand hand in hand and must not bemoan, the lost and the broken, the gone and the dark. Instead we must build a new wooden ark. Resting at land and swimming at sea. A place for all those who decided to flee.

But what relates to the future and what is fading away? Can we colour the future if the present is grey? 
Dirt and dust filling the air. Falling down – But united, we can take it away. Women are strong and women are hopeful. Men have the power and the power is vocal. Together be better, together be brave. Together, let’s break the violent cave. Together, let’s cease –

Dear World, please, move us toward peace.


Age 18, Germany

Women2Women Delegate

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