Malak, Egypt


Dear World,

My name is Malak, I am an 18 year old from Egypt who stands for equality and respect. The word “peace” is a very broad term we use to describe a state of calm. Yet, peace is not the stagnancy of a state, but the harmony of how our legs move, the symphony in how our world dialogues, and the sonnet of how our countries communicate.

Those of us who chase after a healthier world, dream of secure lands, tranquil neighborhoods, and confidence in a safe sleep. In a world which harm happens more often than kindness, war is almost noiseless but damages and threatens us all. There is a nagging fear, a present that signals an unnamed future that we must save. I am a believer in purpose; I believe that each of us is created for a purpose that we must fulfill during our stay in this world. As a woman, I am aware of the capability of our gender, our potential, and the limitless possibility of our contribution. A woman is the mother of the world. A woman is the refugee who was stripped of equality, fairness, rights, liberty, and security. Women around the world have created a revolution seeking freedom. They set an example to all oppressed people. Women are the inspiration for a civilized rebellion; they are the anchor to those striving for security, independence and the peaceful world we seek.

Men who revolt alongside women set an example for the rest of the world. With their ability to empower women, they can provide support and justice that will make peace and security our new normal.

But it is the youth that give us hope that our dreams for the future can become a lived truth. Our investment in them must never be treated with laziness. Their education is our hope and they can reshape the future. Our example to them is the light they will follow and they are the spark to our every dream.

My role as an individual is to speak to them and be the example for them to follow. I seek to offer them guidance and become one of them, as a leader not a superior. My role is to call for their needs and ours, to stir in them the endeavor of revolution.

Security and peace is a way of life not a luxury, it is a necessity that we lack and that in itself is dangerous. This is an issue that cannot wait or be paused. It is time to make a change.

Thank you,


Age 18, Egypt

Women2Women Delegate

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