Farida, Algeria

Dear World,

My name is Farida, I’m 22 years old, I’m from Algeria and I’m studying computer engineering. Every time I open my computer or see the news on TV or read some articles on the newspaper, I find out very sad stories and violent facts that YOU, dear planet are suffering from. Every day in my planet blood is flowing, houses are getting destroyed, and children are being raped or killed. Women are suffering from gender discrimination, domestic violence and sexual harassment. Should we live every day the same thing, expecting bad things to happen and always being afraid? Should we stay like this? When can we expect at least a little change?

As an Algerian woman, I’m very lucky compared to women from other countries. I grew up in a great city and I have access to an education. My parents taught me that as a Muslim woman, I am very empowered and open to the world. They taught me to be tolerant, to accept other’s differences. They taught me to be a successful woman, to help others when I can and be always open and available when someone is in need.

I dream to live in a peaceful world. Since my Women2Women experience in the United States, I believe that I can contribute to change. I’m convinced that peace can happen one day and it won’t be something just written in papers. For this change, I need help. I need people around me believing in this positive change. I need people first to understand what causes these problems and to do more than just talk. I need people to be free to share their opinions and ideas and accept other’s points of view. I need people to collaborate and unify their opinions for a better future and a better world. I need them to be wise, to know that tomorrow is very important for future generations. I need people to be tolerant and accept diversity and other’s differences, no matter where you came from, to which ethnicity you belong or which religion you practice. You are a human like me and it’s my duty to respect you.

I need parents to know that education is the most important thing for their children. I need authorities to understand that dialogue is the most powerful weapon to end conflicts. I need women to be strong and fight all forms of gender discrimination and extremism. I need men to understand that women are not their enemies but their partners in life. I need politicians to make good decisions for their countries. Finally, I need YOU, dear reader to believe in this change with me.

I’m sure that we can do it all together. It may take time, but believe me when I say that it will happen.

I hope for a positive change. I pray to God for that.

Take care of yourself, dear world.


Age 22, Algeria

Women2Women Delegate

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