Basira, Afghanistan

Dear World,

I am in a comparatively very secure place now, in United States, than I was two weeks ago, in Afghanistan. During the one and half month when I was there, everyday the news talked about the war, Taliban, ISIS and innocents life taken. This has been happening for over thirty years in my country, and people are almost getting used to hearing it. In the U.S. people go to funeral of relative or friends once in awhile. However my friends in Afghanistan were not able to attend funerals of all their friends and classmates after the attack in the American University of Afghanistan, because some were overlapping and there was not enough time.

There are many other countries that are going through similar insecurities like Syria, Somalia and Palestine. Thousands of innocent children, men and women civilians are being victims everyday, when they did not contribute to the causes and continuing of conflict.

Obviously, there are many other crucial problems in the world as well, but war has always been unfair to the most powerless people. The huge powers begin wars for their own interests, but the powerless and the sideless always loss.

I know my generation will probably never wake up a to a day without war, but I try to work to create the hope of world peace for the next generations. I am thankful of those who do the same in their own ways and hope more people join in. We are all humans, and our ability to feel compassion makes us special, and it is better to stay humane rather than act like fierce living beings.


Age 18, Afghanistan/United States of America

Women2Women Delegate

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