Lisa-Marie, Germany

Dear World,

My name is Lisa-Marie, and I’m a 16-year-old living in Germany. I’m glad growing up in a country, where there is no poverty, famine, war or ecological disasters. However, there are still big issues in my country such as racism, patriotism, disparity of equal rights and homophobia. Everyday I see thousands of comments where women drag down each other. I see people demonstrating in my city against refugees every Monday. I see how people use the word ‘gay’ as a swearword.

For me, peace is divided into inner and outer peace. Inner peace means to me having good mental health. To me, inner peace means being satisfied and not comparing myself to others. Outer peace describes a world where there is no space for riots and war. Outer peace describes a world where everyone has the opportunity to improve him or herself. Outer peace describes a world where we help each other.

We should stop defining ourselves with stereotypes that were used in the ‘60s. Women and men are independent individuals. We can be whoever we want to be. If you want to become a doctor, become a doctor. If you want to work as a scientist, work it out. If you want to be a fashion designer, be it. Our life is precious and we should feel glad that we wake up everyday to a new possibility to make a change on this planet.

Humans are social creatures. Growing up in society means taking care of the others. Empathy, respect and mutual understanding are necessary for living in a peaceful community. Unfortunately, we live in a world where greed, envy, and egotism rule our today’s society. Are these the characteristics we want to teach our children?

Thank you,


Age 16, Germany

Women2Women Delegate

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