Toungade, Chad


Dear World,

My name is Toungade. I live in Chad but now I study law in France. I’m 21 years old. My heart is crying every day when I watch the news. My heart dies when I see children crying.

Children of Syria, I wish my letter could make something change for you! Oh people of world, look for those children. If they leave they will die, and if they stay they will die. There is no choice, no chance, no life. It’s just painful because it’s a silent death. They don’t deserve it because they didn’t choose this life! They ask just for a normal childhood, full of good memories not bad dreams that follow them in real life!! Which world is that??! If I stood in front of them I couldn’t look at them, I would be full of shame because I watched them die every day without saying anything! We can’t bring them their parents but at least let us bring them peace, bring them happiness, bring them their childhood.



Age 21, Chad

Women2Women Delegate

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