Noor, Bahrain

Dear World,

Isn’t peace a wonderful blessing in life? Some of us are lucky to live peacefully, but some of us live in fights and wars. Have you ever asked yourself if you can be the reason behind peace or war? Or what can you do towards the conflicts that you dislike?

My name is Noor, a positive 19-year-old young lady from the Kingdom of Bahrain that wishes to see peace in the whole world.

Why don’t we begin with ourselves? Let’s be honest… on the one hand, how often do we backbite people? How many rumors do we spread approximately? Is everything we share on social media 100% true? How often do we spy on others lives trying to catch their flaws?

On the other hand, how often do we forgive others? How many excuses do we make for our brothers/sisters and friends? Do we have good intentions for the people we don’t know? Do we wish more than our happiness to others?

Misunderstanding leads to conflicts, fights, or wars. Most people have communication problems and do not know how to deliver their messages in the right way. At a point they stop explaining and think the information they have given was enough. Sometimes this leads to huge misunderstandings that can end up with fights or even wars.

The second problem is spreading rumors either on social media or in reality. For instance, many people share broadcasts without checking their sources, which spreads to more than a 100 people in a minute!

The third problem is not respecting others religions. Every religion has their own believes, behaviors and traditions, but not every person respects that. When people believe in their religion but are not respected for it, hate starts growing.

The fourth main issue is backbiting. Stop lighting wars between friends or lovers. Stop the hate and stop hurting others. Try to reduce backbiting and create more peace.

Instead, let us spread love and peace. Let us love our brothers and sisters the same way we love ourselves. Stop the jealousy and envy and always remember that what is meant to be for you will come in the right time. Let us wish the people who we know or don’t know more happiness, better health, better education, and better lives. Every person is good by nature, even if they do bad things. Therefore, it is never too late to change our bad habits by having the courage to admit our mistakes and correct them. Have faith, be positive, and good things will happen. Let’s put our hands together for a bright future.

In the end, one hand does not clap, but together we can make the world a better place.

Thank you,


Age 19, Bahrain

Women2Women Delegate

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