Montserrat, Spain

Dear World,

My name is Montse, I’m 17 years old and I’m from Spain. I think that the world has so many problems, but the biggest problems take place in our minds.

The Syria’s war wouldn’t exist if some people from the government stopped bombarding the population. Those people who are involved in the war, do you have children or dear relatives? Probably yes, and probably you don’t want them to be hurt. All Syrians want to protect their families and they just try to survive to the threat of their own country.

The gender violence wouldn’t exist, if men and women both recognized the other as humans with the same rights and opportunities. When I speak with some old people, they tell me that it is impossible to stop the gender violence, especially in some countries where women suffer a high inequality. Is it really too complicated for people to recognize we need freedom and the equality? I continue believing that a solution exists. Please men, see that you can’t subjugate women! And Women, don’t be afraid! Defends your rights together!

Poverty wouldn’t exist if people were empathetic. If you have more money than your neighbour, you could help them. Happiness isn’t the result of having money but money is necessary to survive. While some people die of malnutrition, other people die of overfeeding. Women and men, are you aware of the bad distribution of wealth?

Racism wouldn’t exist, if people were not so superficial and again if people would be empathetic. Please be aware of that people who leave their country to move to another are trying to survive. If you have children but you can’t offer them food in your country, would not you do the same?

I am lucky to live in a country that is not at war. I have food, clothes, and I can study in the university. There are some organizations that fight against gender violence, although they aren’t enough.

I have a good life, but is really fair that some people can’t afford to access to all these opportunities just because they were born in another country? No, clearly no.

Dear world, I can’t change you all by myself but I can change some injustices around me. My mind is aware of that. What about yours? Is your mind ready to help those around you?

If all people answer yes, this would be a perfect world. If some people say yes, that means world is evolving and I’m so proud of you world.

Thank you,


Age 17, Spain

Women2Women Delegate

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