Greta, USA

Dear World,

Peace. What a beautiful, meaningful word said only in one syllable. Peace. It is such a powerful word; so powerful that people have sacrificed or risked their own life in the name of peace. There are a million meanings of peace, varying from one month with no war, all the way to simply existing with no fear of danger. Some find peace in exercise, others in reading, and many others in religion or culture. While religion and culture normally unite many peacefully, it also tears others apart, causing meaningless, unwarranted strife. The root of this is mixture of a lack of exposure to religions & cultures and lack of will to learn about them, leading to extremism mislabeled as a certain religion or culture.

While there is little we as a society can do about religious extremism or terrorism, we can provide resources and platforms for our peers to learn more about our own cultures and religions. This simple act of bridging two different lifestyles seems like a small deed, but it can go a long way. At the end of the day, education is a small step to peace. Education will supply civilians more information about the truth, which in turn will eventually make its way to government institutions preaching and practicing peace on an international scale.

Yes, at some point, education can only do so much, but its impacts are long lasting. Education opens minds to new schools of thought (no pun intended) and harnesses peoples’ abilities to ultimately better the world. Education helps people with rational thinking and as mentioned earlier, provides exposure to a wide range of opinions and styles of living. Most importantly, education allows people to mold their own mind and allows people to filter what they hear in media and in conversation through their education. It truly empowers people to think for themselves. At the end of the day, World, all I can tell you is that education plays a huge role in your future and fate, and in bringing about change and peace.



Age 17, United States of America

Women2Women Delegate

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